Wheelchairs can help the movement of the elderly who are unable to walk, obese, people with disabilities, and their peers. This chair with special features can make it easier for users to do daily activities freely, go to school, work, and play sports. This chair can increase consumer confidence by enjoying the same life as a normal human being.

Before consumers choose to buy a wheelchair, there are various methods of wheelchair selection according to the criteria or needs of the user. Before going any further, we will describe 5 types of wheelchairs.

  1. Standard wheelchair
  2. Aluminum wheelchairs
  3. Light Weight Aluminium Wheelchair
  4. Recliner Wheelchair
  5. Commode Wheelchair

Now, we list the exact wheelchair selection methods.

  1. Arm Rest


Arm Rest
Arm Rest

For a standard wheelchair, the armrest is fixed means it cannot be removed. For other types of wheelchairs, they can be upwards, upside down 180 ° and removed.

  1. Footrest


Just like a standard wheelchair, footrests are fixed as well. For other wheelchairs, it can be lifted to 90 °, removable and adjustable height.

There are also some types of footrest.

  1. Plastic
    This is what we usually see in general wheelchairs. The advantage is light but the disadvantage is fragile.
  2. Metals
    Nowadays most wheelchairs do not come with metal footrests. There are many disadvantages since it is hard and has sharp edges. But now it has been changed to blunt at the end of the footrest.
  1. Tires

Tire typesAdvantage
Solid tire●        No need to pump

●        Long-lasting

Pneumatic tire●        Thicker

●         Flowering / Non-flowering


  1. Rim / Wheel

Rim / Wheel Type:

  1. Spoke wheel/rim – We can see this type in all types of wheelchairs
  2. Mag Wheel or better known as Sport Rim
  3. Quick Release Wheel (Quick Release Wheel) means it can be removed immediately.
  1. Brakes

The brakes are in two places. First, at the rear hand brake near the handle where the user pushes the wheelchair. Second, the brakes on the tires.

  1. Head Rest

Certain types of wheelchairs such as Recliner Wheelchairs are provided with headrest. The rest can be modified in other types of wheelchairs if the user wishes.

  1. Cover Seat

Types of Cover SeatAdvantageDisadvantage
Canvas●        Heat – common for hospital use

●        Waterproof

●        None
Thick cloth●        Not hot●        Not waterproof
Seat Mesh●        Perforated type – Cool and airy when sitting on it

●        Thicker

●        Comfortable

●        Not waterproof
Seat Mesh
Seat Mesh
  1. Small front tires

Small front wheelchair wheels are castor type. It comes in a variety of sizes (8 inches, 12 inches) and these sizes depend on the thickness of the tire because the thicker the tire, the more durable and stable it is. It also depends on the wheelchair type of daily use and can be modified on any type of wheelchair.

  1. Sitting size

For children under 12 years of age, the body size is 12-14 inches. For adults over 12 years old, there are 16 inches, 18 inches, 20 inches, 22 inches, 24 inches, and 28 inches depending on the weight and it is durable. 20 to 28 inches is usually for people weighing over 130KG.

  1. Crossbar

There are two types; 1 bar and 2 bar wheelchairs. For durability purposes, the crossbar must be thick because the strength of the crossbar depends on its thickness. If the crossbar is not thick and a user is a heavy person, the crossbar will bend quickly.

  1. Accessories

 ii. Cushions

  • Some wheelchairs already provide cushions.
  • Some wheelchairs need to buy and renovate to upgrade according to the user


Cushion type

  • Square-shaped form
  • Pneumatic Air: can be pumped and PVC type

 ii. Safety belt: can be modified according to request

Type of safety belt

  • Standard for stroke patients and prone to falls.
  • Butterfly Harness protects the body of the patient’s chest and depending on the patient’s preferences.

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